Acqua Di Lusso Swimming Pool Liners

Fabulous swimming pool liners by Fabric Solutions Australia

A Luxurious Range of Pool Liners Ideally Suited to the Australian Climate

The team at Fabric Solutions Australia are experts in the manufacture of customised or standard pool liners. Our Acqua Di Lusso Pool Liners are made using the highest quality pool liner materials. Because when it comes to buying swimming pool liners you not only want a liner that is pleasant to the touch and pleasing to the eye, but is also UV-resistant and ideally suited to the harsh Australian conditions.

The Acqua Di Lusso range of swimming pool liners are manufactured using hi-tech computer cutting equipment and state-of-the-art wedge welding, ensuring that your pool liner fit is perfect every time.

custom inground pool liner

Measurement of complicated pool shapes can be obtained easily and quickly through the use of 3D measuring equipment and Fabric Solutions use state-of-the-art shape development software.

This means that your liner is being made to the highest industry standards, every time.

Vinyl liners for inground swimming pools in an attractive and inexpensive method of renovating an inground pool. Vinyl pool liners are also ideally suited in situations where there is expected ground movement or where an existing concrete pool has cracked and leaked

A pool liner also makes for a cleaner, more hygienic pool as they work to prevent the growth of mould, mildew and even bacteria. Cleaning pools is perhaps the only downside to having them, but with a quality liner, you will find that the cleaning and maintenance times are greatly reduced – meaning you have more time to spend in the pool, rather than cleaning it!

Acqua Di Lusso quality pool liners are the perfect choice for your next replacement Pool liner or to fix your leaking or cracked pool.


Swimming Pool Liner Features:

  • Comprehensive industry warranties cover all liners
  • Will not chip or peel
  • Unlike other pool finishes, it is a flexible finish that will “move and conform” if there is movement in the pool shell
  • Smooth and non-abrasive
  • Inhibits bacteria, mould and mildew growth
  • Long-lasting
  • Wide range of colours and patterns available
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • A perfect finish for cracked or leaking pools
  • Custom-made to suit each pool
  • Can be manufactured to any shape and size or complexity

Swimming Pool Liners For Inground Pools:

blue lagoon inground swimming pool liner colourcoral reef inground swimming pool liner colourlight blue inground swimming pool liner colour
dark blue inground swimming pool liner colourseychelle inground swimming pool liner colourtrachyte inground swimming pool liner colour
bermuda inground swimming pool liner colourocean blue inground swimming pool liner colourmonaco inground swimming pool liner colour
atlantic inground swimming pool liner colourbotany green inground swimming pool liner colour
pacific waves inground swimming pool liner colour

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Pool Liner Frequently Asked Questions

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