Getting a Perfect Pool Liner Fit

For custom shaped pools, we have the perfect method for measuring your pool to ensure that perfect fit.

Measuring An InGround Pool

Inground pools can be complicated and require a professional to measure. In fact to get the best measurement we use an advanced 3D laser pool measuring tool. Using this system, pools can be measured using a laser optical device which calculates and records exact distances of various point of the swimming pool. This method will measure accurately all contours and shapes like steps, ensuring a perfect fit when it comes time to install.


3D Measuring Features:

3D measuring of a pool has many advantages:

  • Complex pool shapes can be measured easily and quickly.
  • Up to 2000 points can be stored in the measuring device at one time for computer download.
  • 3D Measurement data is more accurate than traditional methods.
  • Can be used in remote locations or overseas.